Refund Policy

You are entitled to request for a refund in the following cases: 1. Incorrect payment transaction. 2. You have spent for Global Ads Media LLC. services less than you have prepaid. In such a case you are entitled to ask for a refund within 30 days after the termination of the Contract. Before refunding, Global Ads Media LLC. will have to finalize all not invoiced spending and make necessary adjustments where needed. After finalizing all current statistics, your unused balance will be refunded to you at your request, minus an administrative fee of 25% to cover Global Ads Media LLC.‘s costs and fees related with the management of giving a refund, within 30 working days. YOUR REFUND WILL BE CREDITED BACK TO THE SAME PAYMENT METHOD AND SAME PAYMENT ACCOUNT THAT YOU USED TO MAKE YOUR LAST PAYMENT. You may be required to provide additional information or documentation in order for Global Ads Media LLC. to confirm your identity, before any refund request is processed. 3. Actions forming the basis of the pricing model of your Campaign are based on a Publisher’s fraudulent activities (i.e. the artificial increase of actions). In order to detect and prove Publishers’ fraudulent activities you undertake to send to Global Ads Media LLC. Network a weekly detailed report of sources/websites you consider to be fraudulent. In case the Publisher’s fraudulent activities cannot be clearly identified based on your report, Global Ads Media LLC. Network is entitled to request additional proof from you. If you fail to submit a weekly report or additional proof regarding the Publishers’ fraudulent activities, Global Ads Media LLC. may refuse to give a refund and adjust your balance accordingly. In case you are using post-payment method and you are able to prove Publishers’ fraudulent activities pursuant to this clause, Global Ads Media LLC. will not invoice you for the agreed actions based on Publisher’s fraudulent activities. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF YOUR CONTRACT WITH Global Ads Media LLC. NETWORK IS TERMINATED DUE TO THE VIOLATION OF TERMS & CONDITIONS BY YOU (E.G. DUE TO YOUR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY), Global Ads Media LLC. NETWORK IS ENTITLED TO A CONTRACTUAL PENALTY IN THE AMOUNT OF YOUR UNUSED BALANCE AND THEREFORE.